Altair Software became the DMO Catalog Company

Dec. 2018

With the contract signed between Altair Software and State Materials Office, Maintage Al software developed by Altair Software was started to be sold through DMO Catalog.

Our maintenance software monitors periodic maintenance, malfunctions and maintenance procedures of all types of vehicles operating on air, land and sea platforms. With the agreement made, the needy owners can have our program with very advantageous prices and DMO assurance.

The TeknoKatalog platform, implemented by the State Materials Office in September 2017, brings together platform domestic software companies al and public institutions directly. TeknoKatalog application is a sales platform which is being developed by DMO in order to disseminate the use of domestic software in the public with the presidential directives.

Domestic software companies to be included in the techno-event must provide various standards and criteria. Altair Software is one of the few software companies that meet all the criteria and standards of DMO and is accepted to the Catalog platform.

We Offer Quality Service at the Most Advantageous Prices
It is aimed to eliminate the price differences between institutions and to make purchases at the most advantageous prices in the procurement of software to be made by the public institutions through the State Equipment Office. For this purpose, Altair Software and according to an agreement between the DMO Maintag product sales price, will be offered to remain constant for at least 1 year and institutions across Turkey as the most advantageous price.

Tender Procedures and Paperwork
Public Procurement Law No. 4734 does not apply for procurement or procurement transactions on DMO. Purchasing procedures such as market research, specification and paperwork are not dealt with. The DMO E-SALES portal provides instant orders and software licenses are delivered from Altair Software. The form for the complete delivery of the product is sent to the DMO and the purchase is completed. It's that simple!